Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ride by London Eye

A ride by London Eye is like a slow flight.
You can watch London City from the sky.
 It's really nice.

Ride by LONDON EYE from FLYKIT on Vimeo.

This great multicultural city is the origin of the English.
It is the most extended language in the world
due to its cultural expansion through the centuries:
 since the ancient conquests toward the development of internet.

More about the origins of English:

The History of English

The Origin of English Language

The History of English en Ten Minutes

These greats videos are a way to enjoy the best views of this big city.

London Eye (Through My Eyes) from MXXM on Vimeo.

CoffeeBreakVideo - London2013/London Eye from Pierpaolo Baricchio on Vimeo.

 Thank to its filmakers for sharing.

More about this big city on this interesting
Time Lapse of London

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